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The initials of The Honorary Citizen leave little mystery to what this clothing company's inspiration is. The quality of our pima cotton T-shirts, vintage washed sweatshirts brandishing eye-popping art collectively encourage this outfitter’s growing legion of sophisticated Honorary Citizens to showcase their allegiance to the world’s most cherished plant.

Tarik, a native of Atlanta, Georgia is the architect of THC’s vision.

While marijuana is being utilized medicinally, socially, recreationally, and spiritually in discretion where lawmakers have yet to legalize it, Tarik refuses to wait for the opposition to finally come to their senses. His THC apparel—donned by celebrities, tastemakers, hipsters, and simply the fashion-conscious—fully supports the decriminalization of cannabis and promotes the awareness of its benefits. But it’s the THC logo that sums up the mission statement the best: The symbol of the Lion and the Leaf effortlessly interweave to symbolize the harmony between noble mankind and the natural world.