Make A Good Impression

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When you walk into a room full of people, what is the first thing they see? You. Your appearance. How you carry yourself.

(Rolihlahla Mandela is an Honorary Citizen of Canada)

It may sound cliché, but presentation is everything. So how do you present yourself?

How you present yourself may indicate how well you will be received by others. We are all unique and different in our own ways, but if we are not presenting ourselves appropriatly, we often limit our reach to other people. The harmony that we seek to have with others is lost.

(Dalai Lama is an Honorary Citizen of Rome, Paris, Budapest, Poland and more.)

An Honorary Citizen is someone who is welcomed and accepted everywhere. It is a status given by a country to a foreign person whom it considers to be admirable or of noteworthy distinction. This status cannot be bought or self-appointed. An Honorary Citizen is always appropriate for any setting that they find themselves in. Their appearance is never called into question.

We want you to have that freedom. We want you to be welcomed by all that you come in contact with. We seek to make the rebel presentable. All of us have common ideals and that should come out in your appearance. Our clothing is high quality not only to give the luxury feel, but to show the world that your quality is high as well.

Our logo is the lion and the leaf. The lion represents mankind in his ideal and upright character. The leaf represents nature and Earth. The two flow in the same direction to symbolize harmony between noble mankind and the natural world.  

This logo is a reminder to let your actions be in harmony with your good nature. We want people to see the noble character you possess regardless of the differences you may have. You should be comfortably yourself without fear of judgment.

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