Ankara Print Shirts for the Fall!

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Colorful and fun prints are not only for the summer. Sometimes our sense of style is bold and creative despite the time of year. Check out our Ankara print Sports shirts which are on sale for a limited time! Don't push those summer clothes to the back of your closet, embrace them!


This past Labor Day made us all realize that summer may unofficially be coming to a close. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean that your high fashion summer-friendly style has to be pushed to the back of your closet until next year. Since 2009, The Honorary Citizen has been blazing its own trends with its bold prints, fun colors, and our genuine luxury garments. Over the past few months runways have been seen with some of these trends and styles that THC, Intl. illustrates.

With the arrival of our Ankara print Summer Sports shirts you can get just that. Made with 100% Cotton these light weight shirts exemplifies exactly what we stand for; authenticity. Believing in versatility, we created a shirt that’s perfect for any occasion. You can dress our Ankara print shirts up or down.

Try pairing our ‘Kiwi’ Ankara shirt with a nice pair of slacks for your next business meeting. Dressing it down with a nice pair of jeans for a date night could be stylish too. Filled with fun patterns and the soft touch of various shades of green brings this shirt to life. By adding in a touch of yellow and black we made this shirt easy to match with basically anything in your wardrobe.

 For our more bold style searchers we have an Ankara print shirt that will make you stand out like a high fashion guru. Our ‘Mayan Gold’ print shirt showcases the right colors of royal blue filled with bold Mayan pr


Ankara Sport Shirt: Mayan Gold


All Ankara print shirts are made to fit your individual style. If you’re a lover of red our latest shirt is far from boring with its eye catching pixilated design. Overflowing with miniature squares in 3 shades of red will cause you to standout; literally. Perhaps that’s why we name it ‘Red-3D.’



THC, Intl. is geared towards all age demographics. We believe in providing excellent quality for all of our fashion forward supporters. Whether you’re an outgoing hipster teenager or a savvy free-spirited man, we have everything you need at The Honorary Citizen.


Whether you’re looking for yourself or someone else we are certain that we can meet your shopping needs. ‘Blue Dream’ is an Ankara print shirt that embodies just that. It has appealed to all ages and demographics. The dark shade of navy blue pops with the light shades of the turquoise and white falling patterns. It could be the perfect gift for any occasion.



Having high quality fabrics to create the best garments for you is what’s important to us. We also believe in meeting your style budget. For a limited time all Ankara Print Sport Shirts are on sale for the small price of $70. Click on our ‘on sale’ tab and see all of our eye popping prints first hand. Zoom in and out to see the quality and creativity invested in our designs. Each design at THC, Intl. is brainstormed and created on the highest visual level. This is what makes us unique.

 Don’t fall behind on our Ankara collection as it makes its strides towards being loved by all. Even though summer is over we have to remember to dare to be different and wear our sun-friendly apparel. 

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