End Of Summer Eye-Candy: Brilliantly Patterned Plants

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It's said that nature can't be improved upon, but Sarah Illenberger might be the exception.

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In her Wonderplants series, tropical plants, broad palm leaves and ferns get outfitted with brilliant polka dots, neon stripes and stylish patterns. The fact that the patterns were constructed out of stickers and tape makes them all the better in our eyes. (Although surely gene-spliced designer plant patterns are around the corner.



The Berlin-based artist started the project while on vacation to Porto, Portugal, where she collected the leaves from the local botanical gardens. "I wanted to make a project using only the resources that were available, so plants, plus stickers and tape I found in local stationery and hardware stores, were my first choice," she tells Sight Unseen. The patterns were inspired by Portuguese tiles and African fabrics.

Prints of the photographs are available for purchase for a cool $400 on her website.

[All Images: via Sarah Illenberger]


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